How Healthcare Providers Use Data Room Services

Learn about how healthcare organizations are transforming technologies and changing their businesses. Smartroom dataroom is made to personalize patient care, accelerate data interactions, empower healthcare teams, and improve treatment outcomes.

Help healthcare organizations of all sizes change the way they connect people, processes, and healthcare data. It is made to improve the quality of care. Learn about solutions for healthcare providers to personalize care, help doctors. Improve treatment outcomes in a safe and compatible environment.

Need for speed

The world of healthcare data is growing rapidly, offering us more ways to use that data in our decision-making. Coordination of care across distributed health systems is becoming more complex. And the trend seems endless.

  • The average elderly patient visits 2 primary health care providers per year. 
  • Specialists 5 times a year, as well as 4 different areas of medical practice.
  • For a group of patients with 4 or more chronic conditions, the median number of staff is 86 physicians across 36 referrals.

Critical medical record data can be shared among insurance companies, providers, pharmacies, social services. Besides, these include government agencies, clinical researchers, patients and their families, and even prisons.

Providers, insurers, and patients are looking for innovative, fast, and powerful applications. They can process and extract critical information from all of their data without information overload.

Grow faster with proven HealthShare components

You can extend the information for Health apps and get them to market faster with proven HealthShare components. We have been improving these components overtime on user sites around the world. For example, as follows.

  • The Health Information Exchange enables a variety of data to be collected into a unified health record. As the foundation for unified health care, innovation, and business transformation.
  • Patient Index is designed to create and maintain a single source of information. It is created for patient identification and demographic data across the medical community
  • Health Insight enables applications to leverage all information assets. Including unstructured data, for analytics, clinical event notifications, and practical insights, where and when

Personal Community is a community-wide health record portal. It allows patients and their families to use the information they need. It is made to manage their health care data and interact with healthcare professionals.

Key technology – data room for health

Data room is created to enable your applications to aggregate and organize massive amounts of health record data. It is gathered into one distributed health information system at unprecedented speed. Advanced data sequencing technology and support for all international interoperability standards. Including the latest FHIR capabilities, help create innovative applications.

Data room for Health includes the comprehensive healthcare data model to help you get your applications up and running quickly. It can include all forms of clinical, social, financial, patient-generated, and claims data. 

Data room tools make it easy to support development projects of any size. Because healthcare software today needs to support global deployment, they have simplified the development and version control process